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Joseph Ticehurst, through his company CREATIVE DYNAMICS, conducts motivating staff development activities which are professional, sensitive and very effective, quality, growth and renewed application to individual and team excellence has been observed creating for the participants unifying staff effects.

Personal counseling and enhancing issues are dealt with sensitively, tactfulness and care. This does not negate Joseph from confronting tougher issues, if the participant so chooses. As a result Joseph fosters personal growth, satisfaction and encourages seeking significant solutions

Personal, Team & Company Services
Personal Counseling Life Enhancement
Goal Setting Success Motivator
Results Facilitator Personality Profiling
Inspirational Speaker Team Facilitator
Coaching and Development
Developing Self Image and Confidence

Joseph presents experimental and theoretical programs that involve his audience, raising their awareness, their dedication and their performance to higher results.

Using the Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz as his basis, Joseph – Creative Dynamics – analyses and develops with his clients, deep valued approaches to business and personal results. His ultimate goal with these principles is to develop perfect freedom and true happiness in their lives and that of their businesses.

Imagine bringing an infectious enthusiasm into your office, your shop, your life DAILY. This is what Joseph Ticehurst of Creative Dynamics does. He brings a new way of thinking to life. He offers and opens a new perspective on the way each unit or individual perceives their events, their life.

Creative Dynamics looks to exciting and challenging work around team development and results.

Turn your life into an amazing experience filled with the desires of your heart!
If you are reading this, it's for a reason.

At any moment you have a choice that either leads you closer to the desires of your heart or further away from them.

I 'm willing to bet that deep down inside you is the desire to live a truly gifted life.

One day you want to honestly say, "I made it".
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Success Stories
I have known Joseph Ticehurst for a number of years and in that time have come to know and respect him as a friend, business associate and mentor.
Over the years I have engaged Jo on a professional basis to provide services in the area of staff selection and motivation. On every occasion the passionate and enthusiastic manner in which he presented the wisdom that he possesses was totally captivating and inspired, motivated and educated everyone that was present.

I have found that engaging his services has been one of the better investments that I have made into my business.

Terence Pope, TVP International
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