Personal Life Enhancing
Joseph creates an atmosphere of empathy, confidence and positive energy. This uplifting energy empowers his personal enhancement clients to arrest any emotional, mental or spiritual issues which have held them back. With confidence, trust and courage, Joseph leads his clients as they step into new spaces. He then assists their life enhancement by monitoring and assisting his clients as they become empowered by these new found strengths.

The areas of life and values that Joe reviews and assist to empower are,
Personal coaching
Vision Quest
To where am I going?
How do I sabotage my opportunities
What do I attract and why ……….
Managing change

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Inspirational Motivational Speaker
Joseph is gifted motivational and inspirational speaker and delivers empowering and entertaining speeches on a wide range of topics including
Magic's Alive
The Wow factor – what is it
Living in the New
The Four Agreements
Create react
Letting go – the balm to true peace
Gratitude and forgiveness
Are you living your dream or are you fulfilling someone else’s
The role of numbers and personal features in identifying personal characteristics/differences

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Life Empowerment and Change Workshops
Joseph has designed and facilitates a variety of excellent workshops suitable for personal and workplace applications. To view a list of current available workshops Click Here

Success Stories
Thank you Joseph…
For providing me with a formula that allows me to continually remember who and what I am thus giving me a sound and non threatening platform with which to go forward and enrich myself and those around me.
The knowledge of The Four Agreements within my business and personal life has encouraged me to remember that my life is very much of my own making and I am in command.

By taking ownership of The Four Agreements principles I have found that my dealings with myself and others has been improved and the focus on the important aspects of my life is much better.

Lynette McDonald BME Business, Mortgage and Equipment Finance
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